Sunday, 26 March 2017


The Time of Antichrist's Debut Advances - By Matt Ward -
"The EU must strengthen its representation and defend its interests better. For this purpose France proposes the creation of a high level representative appointed by the Council for three to five years, who would provide Europe with a face and a voice." -Former French President Jacques Chirac, Liberation 1996. The French view was and is that "all means" should be used to "strengthen that high representative." (Instituto Affari Internazional, 1996; page 46)
Events today are moving at quite some pace. Almost twenty years ago I wrote a university thesis titled, "What are the prospects of the European Union developing a coherent Common Foreign and Security Policy into the new millennia?" It was indeed an eye-opener. 
In that thesis I discussed the prospects of the European Union reaching such a point of political integration that it would develop a single, functional Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). I was examining the possibility that the EU might in the future develop a unified European army.
That was in 1999, and my conclusions could have been summed up succinctly in just four words: it will never happen. At the time the reasons for this were complicated. First, it was inconceivable that Britain or France would allow their own soldiers to fight and die in a war fought entirely over an obscure piece of land that was totally unrelated to their own national interests. Yet that is what a unified European army may have meant.

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