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As Muslim Immigration To The United States Increases, So Does Female Genital Mutilation Brutality Against Women!!

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As Muslim Immigration To United States Increases, So Does Female Genital Mutilation Brutality Against Women

by Geoffrey Grider

If you think the cases of little-girl genital mutilation that made national headlines last month after a flurry of arrests in Detroit is a one-off event, think again.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Female Genital Mutilation is a disgusting and barbaric custom practiced by Muslim-dominated countries around the world to enslave and dominate young Islamic women. Islamic butchers like to call it "female circumcision", but in reality it is more in line with female castration. As Muslims immigrate to the United States in ever-larger numbers, incidences of this illegal act grow exponentially. Mohammed told his followers in the hadith to do this to their young girls. 
The CDC estimates that more than 513,000 girls and women — most of them living in New York, DC and Minneapolis — are now at risk of such disfigurement across the country, a threefold increase since 1990. What’s behind the sickening trend? Muslim immigration.
If it’s “Islamophobic” to say that, blame the US government.
In a report last year, the CDC says the surge in female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) is “wholly a result of rapid growth in the number of immigrants from FGM/C-practicing countries living in the United States.” It then went on to list those countries, and virtually all of them have large Muslim populations.

Female Genital Mutilation Comes to America:

Immigrants from Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation, are not factored into the government’s 513,000 figure. If they were, the size of the CDC estimate would likely grow by “several tens of thousands,” the 2016 study’s lead author says.
“Indonesian figures became available after we wrote our paper, but it turns out that FGM was much more common in Indonesia than had been thought,” recently retired CDC researcher Howard Goldberg told The Post.

Another CDC report singles out Syrian refugees, warning the barbaric practice may be widespread among these immigrants seeking asylum in the US.

It’s not just Muslim parents performing the religious — albeit illegal — ritual. It’s also licensed doctors at respected hospitals, who also happen to be Muslim. And they have the blessing of some of the most eminent Muslim scholars in America.
While Islamic apologists insist FGM has nothing to do with Islam, that it’s a pagan African custom, such arguments appear to be disinformation designed to protect the faith at the expense of little girls. Consider that the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America, which renders official religious rulings for Muslims living in the US, promotes clitoris cutting as beneficial for women.
Senior AMJA official Dr. Hatem Elhagaly has ruled that the practice was endorsed by the Muslim prophet Muhammad in a hadith, or sacred supplement to the Koran. “A very small portion of the clitoris may be removed in the procedure,” he wrote in a recent fatwa.
An American Academy of Pediatrics fellow and Mayo Clinic pediatrician until 2012, Elhagaly acknowledges the practice is controversial, but advises American Muslims to ignore criticism: “We, however, should never doubt anything in our religion because of the bad publicity the media creates about it. Would it have been sensible for Muslims 50 years ago to doubt male circumcision because it was not yet shown by science to be of benefit?
“The same could be true with female circumcision,” he added. “They may figure out the benefits of the practice in 50 or 500 years.”
The World Health Organization, however, says the painful practice has no known health benefits. In fact, it can cause complications during childbirth, make intercourse painful and remove any pleasure a woman can get from sex.
Lawyers for the two Muslim doctors who federal authorities recently arrested in Detroit for mutilating two 7-year-old girls — and possibly 70 others — also claim they were doing it for health reasons. But the prosecutor argued, “This brutal practice is conducted on girls for one reason — to control them as women.” Forcing them to have all or part of their clitoris removed, the criminal complaint explains, ensures they remain chaste and don’t cheat on their future husbands. source

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