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Ron Reese (7 May 2017) 

                               RAPTURE/SUDDEN DESTRUCTION
A search that began in the 1970's, and has continued for over four decades, has now come to an end for me.  It ended two or three months ago.  Since I believe that I now KNOW the exact time frame for the 1260-day Great Tribulation and the Sudden Destruction/Rapture, I have been filled with an overwhelming peace in my soul, as I do not have to search anymore.  It is an unbelievable feeling.  I am confident that there is coming an earth-changing event THIS summer that will totally validate this time frame.  I will be writing more about the time frame for this event, and how it was arrived at, and what it will mean to us as Biblical watchmen, in my next post this month.
Since I have made this discovery, the enemy has been making a vicious attack on me, mostly to my body, and, to a lesser extent, to my computer.  I have not written anything for over 3 months.  This was not my intention when I wrote my last post in early March, on Joseph in Genesis 45 and the Famine Week, which reveal to us the approximate timing of the Rapture (once we know the starting point of the Final 7 Years).  I sincerely believe that Satan does not want this message to be written about, because of what can be accomplished for our Lord's Kingdom.
I will spare you in this email, my search for the correct time frame for end-time events, for my first 30 years as a watchman.  I also will spare you in this email, much of what I believe the Lord has revealed to me in these last 8 and one-half years of searching.  My only real regret over these past 8+ years is getting ahead of God in the timing of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction.  Most Watchmen, including myself, never want to miss our Lord's timing for end-time events, especially the Rapture.  We all want to be included among those who gave out God's Final Warning.  I am no exception to that.  So, once again, my sincere apologies to any of you who experienced any negative repercussions from forwarding any of my 2015 messages about the Rapture/Sudden Destruction event, which I believed was likely to take place in 2015. 
Now here is the part that few Bible Prophecy students, who have been reading my posts, understand.  I am convinced that most of what I have written during these past 8+ years was correct.  Obviously, I have not been correct on the timing of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction.  Yes, more than once.  But most of the rest of it, I remain confident that I have been discerning correctly, and that God has been revealing things to me directly.  What I am about to show you in this post, and in several more posts in the coming days, is simply Progressive Revelation of what has been shown to me during these past 8+ years.
As I have been writing about during these past 8+ years, the following Bible Prophecy discoveries remain true, in my opinion:
1.  The Final 7 Years began in the Fall of 2015, just like I was projecting all throughout that year, in numerous posts.  I am quite certain that I am in the vast minority with this opinion.  Furthermore, I remain convinced that 11/11/15 was the starting point for the Final 7 Years, to culminate on Day of Atonement, in 2022.  When this earth-changing event takes place this summer, it will validate this starting date.  Pre-conceived ideas will keep most Prophecy students from receiving that the Final 7 Years began almost one and one-half years ago, but I am totally convinced that it is the absolute truth.  I will be writing more on this in the coming months.
2.  Barack Hussein Obama will soon become the Biblical Antichrist.
3.  Obama confirmed the covenant with many of Dan. 9:27, on Oct. 29, 2008.  This was not the starting point of the Final 7 Years, as I first believed, but rather the starting point of the Final 7 Good Years (as in the story of Joseph), or 7 Years of Preparation, or a 7-Year Warning, leading up to the Final 7 Years.  I have since come to believe this 7-Year period was the 69th Week of Daniel.
4.  This then makes the Fall of 2015 to the Fall of 2022 the 70th Week of Daniel, what I refer to as the Final 7 Years.  It will make it so much easier to accept that we are currently in the Final 7 Years if we can accept that there will be NO 7-YEAR PEACE TREATY WITH THE ANTICHRIST AND ISRAEL.  The Bible simply does NOT teach this pre-conceived idea that has been so much accepted and taught for so many years.  I challenge any of you to do a word-by-word study, in the Hebrew, of Daniel 9:27.  It never mentions Israel, nor peace, nor a treaty.  Yet this is the only verse that is used to project this false concept. 
5.  Since Donald J. Trump has become President, or the 7th King in Revelation 17, Bible Prophecy is unfolding at an extremely unparalleled fast pace.  Progressive Revelation has kicked into high gear.  Trump has become the 7th King, starting with the first King, Jimmy Carter, who started the whole Middle East peace process.  This makes Obama the 6th King, and also the 8th King, who is identified as the Beast, or Antichrist, in the Book of Revelation.  The Word says that the 8th King is one of the first 7 Kings.  Rev. 17 teaches us that the 7th King only serves a short time.  Therefore, Trump's days are numbered.  This is further proof that we are now living in the Final 7 Years.
When Trump was elected, I was very surprised, like most of you.  I had serious doubts that Obama, and the New World Order elite, would allow him to ever be inaugurated.  Once it happened, my spirit seemed to really come alive, as I attempted to discern what was really happening now.  I wrote a couple of posts on Obama and Trump.  As I was attempting to write a 3rd post this year on Gen. 45 and the 7-Year Famine Week, when Joseph reveals himself to his brethren (a type of the Rapture), TWO YEARS INTO THE FAMINE WEEK, WITH FIVE YEARS YET REMAINING, I felt a check in my spirit.
I felt that something was missing.  So very many Bible Prophecy students were projecting the Rapture to take place around Sept. 20--23 of 2017.  Gen. 45 would seem to support that premise of being two years into the Famine Week, or Final 7 Years.  So why was I so hesitant.  I dreaded being wrong again about the timing of the Rapture, so I put off writing that post on Joseph and Gen. 45.
I remain amazed to this day of what I feel the Lord was trying to show me.  There exists a website, with a very deep study of God's Word, especially Bible Prophecy, and especially Typology, which shows us that the deep things of the Lord are concealed in the Old Testament, and then revealed in the New Testament, such as Joseph being the most complete type of Christ in the entire Word, and the Tabernacle revealing to us all about the character of Christ. 
I had not visited this website for about 20 to 25 years.  At that time, I did not buy into what this Bible scholar was teaching, as it was totally unique and unusual, but I remember finding his writings fascinating.  Somehow, during February of this year, I was unable to get that website out of my mind.  The check in my spirit was because the Lord wanted me to go back to that website and study it.  WOW!!!  Was I ever blown away.  With this man's findings, I was able to put the final pieces of the Prophetic puzzle together.  I have been at complete peace since that day.  My search is over, as far as the time frame for the Rapture/Sudden Destruction, and the starting and ending date of the 1260-day Great Tribulation.  All of the Prophetic pieces now fit.  I stand amazed in the presence of my Lord Jesus.
In the Book of Daniel, God tells Daniel that the secrets of the Prophetic Word are SEALED UP UNTIL THE TIME OF THE END.  Because THIS IS THE TIME OF THE END, God has decided to take that key and unlock the Prophetic secrets, which have been sealed up for thousands of years.  This is one of the reasons that Jesus said WE COULD KNOW WHEN HIS RETURN WAS NEAR, EVEN AT THE DOOR!!!  God also told us in the O.T. that ALL things would be revealed to His servants.  Does not ALL things include the time frame of the Final 7 Years, and the timing of the Rapture???
Here was my hesitation in projecting September, 2017, to be the time of the Rapture.  First, September of this year would not be a full two years into the Final 7 Years.  With 11/11/15 being the starting point, two 360-day years later would be Nov. 1, 2017.  This is the earliest the Rapture could take place, because Gen. 45 says AFTER two years.  The other hesitation is that the 42-month Great Tribulation would be projected to take place in the Spring of 2019, the midpoint of the Final 7 Years.  This would produce a gap of at least 18 months between the Rapture and starting point of the 3 and one-half year Great Tribulation.  That presented a real problem for me.  The Prophetic pieces simply did not fit, for a Rapture anytime in 2017.
The teachings on this website, which I will name for you in the near future, immediately put the final pieces in place.  Excitement unparalled in my many years as a Biblical watchman swept over my soul.  This is it, I exclaimed to myself, and I now present it to you!  I feel led, in this post, to present to you a brief overview and summary of the highlights of what I have learned and how it fits into the timing for God's end-time plan.  In future posts, we will present many more details.  What I am about to show you is a combination of Prophetic insights from the deep, and profound studies of this website, and what I have learned the past 8+ years, and Progressive Prophetic Revelation.
This dedicated scholar's deep understanding and insights, totally based upon the Word of God, have helped me understand how the Rapture/Sudden Destruction are extremely close together on God's Prophetic timetable, not 18 months apart.
One of two main premises of this website is the THREE GREAT SEVENS AND GOD'S OVERLAY PROJECTION.  The 3 Great Sevens (God's number of perfection and completion) are the 7 Days of Creation, the 7000-year plan for mankind, and the Final 7 Years.  One of his amazing and profound discoveries is that we can overlay the Final 7 Years with the other two Great Sevens, and thereby project when certain events will happen during the Final 7 Years.  This profound premise takes typology to the max.  It is hidden within the realms of the Word, yet it is there for all to see, at least all who are willing to receive the deep things of the Word, and all who are willing to study the deep Prophetic truths presented in the entire Word of God. 
The other main premise is that there are numerical dividers within the Final 7 Years.  The two numerical dividers that I want to concentrate on, for this post, are the 6/1 Divider and the 2 and one-half/4 and one-half year divider.  It was the discovery of these two numerical dividers that allowed me to fit the Final pieces into the time frame for the Final 7 Years.
Let's look at the 6/1 divider.  God's Creation lasted 6 days, and then one day of rest.  The day of rest was completely set apart, and completely different from the first 6 days.  The 1000-year Millennium is completely set apart and completely different from the first 6000
years.  God gives mankind 6000 years to run the earth, from the Fall of Adam.  Then, He shows mankind, in 1000 years, how the earth should have been run the first 6000 years.  Overlaying the Final 7 Years over these two Great Sevens, we are able to see that the 7th, and Final Year, of the Final 7 Years, will also be set apart, and completely different.  It reveals to us that the Wrath of God will take place for one complete year AFTER the 1260-day Great Tribulation, not a part of the Great Tribulation.  According to the studies of Gerry Almond and others, the first Wrath of God, in the form of the Great Flood, was also for a period of one year.  The whole Flood process took one year.
From this overlay projection of the 3 Great Sevens, we learn that the 1260-day Great Tribulation will NOT be the last 3 and one-half years of the Final 7 Years.  It will be from Year two and one-half to the end of Year 6.  Now let's look at the other divider, which divides the Final 7 Years into two and one-half years, and four and one-half years.  This divider would still allow the Prophetic truths, set forth in my last post on Gen. 45, to take place as projected.  It still allows the Rapture to take place between Nov. 1, 2017, until into the Spring of 2018, because two years in the O.T. would be written the same as two and one-half years.  4 and one-half years, or 5 partial years, would still be written the same as 5 years.
I am only going to refer to three Prophetic events in this study today.  The first was the projection of the Wrath of God taking place over a period of one year, the 7th and Final Year of the Final 7 Years, just like in the Great Flood.  It will be a period set apart, and completely different, just like the 7th Day of rest, and just likethe 1000-year Millennium after the 6000 years for mankind's rule is over.  It will take place from the Fall of 2021 until the Fall of 2022.  This is how this overlay system works.
The 2nd Prophetic event is the one that you are all waiting for, which is the O.T. event that typifies the Rapture/Sudden Destruction, and the time frame for it to take place.  This event is the crossing of the Red Sea, by Moses (another type of Christ), and God's people, out of Egypt, a type of the world, into a brand new world for them (typifying Heaven for us).  The simultaneous Sudden Destruction would be the massive destruction of the Egyptian army, caught totally unaware, just like most of the people of the world will be, at the time of the Sudden Destruction/Rapture.
We can use history to tell us the time of the crossing of the Red Sea, and then overlay it into the Final 7 Years, using the 7000-year time plan for mankind as the basis of our overlay.  
In my next post, I promise to give you my projection of the actual date that we can expect the Rapture/Sudden Destruction to take place.  For now, suffice it to say the approximate 2 and one-half year point projects out to the Spring of 2018.  I fully believe this overlay projection, because every other Prophetic puzzle piece fits right along with it.  How ironic this is to me, because for decades I was a believer in a Fall pre-7-Year Tribulation Rapture.  Now what I see is a pre-1260-day Great Tribulation Rapture, in the Spring of 2018, and very likely a pre-Wrath Rapture, in the Fall of 2021.  If you want to receive the deeper things of God, and learn new Prophetic truths in these very last days, do not get caught up in pre-conceived ideas and teachings.  Make sure your beliefs come from the Spirit of the living God, and not in the traditions of men.  Make sure that they come from an accurate study of God's Word, and not man's tradition. 
The 3rd, and final, Prophetic event that I want to bring out in this study today, is extremely important as it is the next MAJOR event on God's Prophetic calendar.  It is the Great Flood in Noah's time.  It was the other time that God's Wrath struck the entire world.  Based on an overlay projection, using God's 7000-year plan for mankind, we should be expecting A FLOODLIKE EVENT, AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, TO TAKE PLACE IN THE SUMMER OF 2017.  This earth-changing event will totally validate the projection of the Spring of 2018, as the time of the Rapture, because I am projecting IN ADVANCE when I believe it will take place.  This Noah Floodlike event will also validate the starting date of 11/11/15, as the starting point of the Final 7 Years.  
In my next post, I will narrow the timing of this Floodlike event down, as to when we should expect it to take place.  I will also be guessing as to what this Noah Floodlike event could possibly be.  But it will only be guesses, not predictions.  My only prediction is that it will be earth-changing, like the Great Flood was.  So, in another week or two, I plan to be addressing this Floodlike event, projected to take place this summer, in more detail.  It is my fervent expectation that this earth-changing event will also fulfill another New Testament scripture.  I believe that this overlay projection, of a Noah Floodlike event taking place this summer, perfectly coinciding with another N.T. Scripture that you are all well aware of, is NOT a coincidence, but another double confirmation of God's real Prophetic timeline.
Maranatha!  Soon, and very soon, we are going to see the King!

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