Tuesday, 13 June 2017

"Jewish Anti-Zionists Protest Christian Zionists" And Much More From The Prophecy Newswatch Team!!

Convergence Of Signs Prepares The Way For Third Temple
There is a steady progression of signs indicating Jews are making real progress towards actually building the Third Temple.
Farmer Banned From Selling Blueberries For Not Supporting Gay Marriage
Gender activists are once again in the spotlight for using the legal system to force private businesses to support their views and lifestyles, even when that means state-sponsored religious discrimination.

Hoodwinking The Kuffar
Muslims in general, especially those promoting extreme ideas, are growing more and more conscious of how they appear in the forum of public opinion.
Jewish Anti-Zionists Protest Christian Zionists
Evangelical Christians today are arguably the Jewish people's staunchest allies but this didn't stop agitators from the leftist, anti-Zionist Jewish group IfNotNow from disrupting a Christians United for Israel event celebrating Jerusalem's Jubilee. 

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