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Sin City Strikes Again As Druggies Celebrate Wildly As Sin State Nevada Opens First Marijuana Retail Store In Las Vegas!!

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Druggies Celebrate Wildly As Sin State Nevada Opens First Marijuana Retail Store In Las Vegas


They lined up by the hundreds hoping to be part of Sin City history. Under the bright lights of the Strip, fireworks shot off the roof of Reef Dispensaries in celebration as strobe lights lit up the night sky.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As we continue our headlong rush into the end times, the lid is coming off the underworld and the night creatures are crawling out into public view. People who object to things like legalized public pot consumption are seen as the "enemies to progress" by the mad throngs forming lines around the block at pot dispensaries. One can only imagine what's going to be legalized next. 
"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" Isaiah 5:20 (KJV)
Giant speakers roared with reggae beats. Limousines and party buses — several lined with green light-emitting diode lights — ushered tourists and locals to the revelry outside Reef Dispensaries, a marijuana shop a few steps behind the Fashion Show Mall, where the sea of customers stretched down and around the 165,000-square-foot building.
“I’m excited!” shouted 24-year-old Las Vegan Majanae Brown as the minutes ticked toward midnight. “I can’t wait.”
At Euphoria Wellness, there were no party buses, no fireworks or strobe lights. The only music to be heard played lightly from the cellphone of a customer near the door. But hundreds stood in a line that stretched around in the strip mall building in the south valley suburbs.

Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries gear up for extra business:

“This is larger than 4/20. This is the largest I’ve ever seen,” Euphoria Wellness co-owner Larry Doyle said. (4/20 refers to the counterculture holiday celebrating marijuana on April 20.)
When Friday finally turned to Saturday, Nevada’s green rush was on as the state joined Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska in allowing people to buy marijuana for recreational use.

Nevadans voted 54-46 in November to legalize adult-use marijuana.

On Saturday, less than eight months after the ballot measure passed, more than 40 stores across Southern Nevada were authorized by the state to begin selling marijuana to adults 21 and older without the need of medical cannabis card. Five dispensaries in Henderson did not get authorization because the city put a six-month moratorium on recreational marijuana licenses, which expires in August.

Las Vegas 1st Day Of Recreational Marijuana 2017:

GRAPHIC WARNING: This video is raw footage of the scene on the streets in Las Vegas on the first day of legal pot sales. Watch with caution.
Despite the large crowds at dispensaries across the valley, police reported no issues with Saturday’s rollout of marijuana sales. Although it’s now legal for adults 21 and older to buy and possess up to an ounce of marijuana, consuming it in public remains illegal. There were no signs of use at the dispensaries Saturday, and a Strip walk in the afternoon found just one open user, who wouldn’t talk to a reporter. He wouldn’t say who he was or whether he’d bought his weed legally.
Marijuana is still considered illegal federally. But for many, Saturday’s legalization in Nevada brought a lawful avenue to get something they were previously forced to buy from the black market.
“You don’t have to hide in the corner anymore and feel bad about it,” said Pam Mateo as she walked out of Euphoria at 1:30 a.m. with her purchase — “just a few joints” inside an opaque white plastic bag. source

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